Thursday, March 11, 2010

Final Assignment-WINDOW TABLE

When I was told we could create anything for the final assignment I was confused??? Anything?!? Quickly what followed however was excitement, I would keep the theme of making a useful product, I have really enjoyed collaborating with my amazing mom (who doesn't realize she herself is an artist) on my assignments using her woodworking skills and ideas. In the beginning I wanted to make a coffee table out of an old door, however I went to the rebuild center and found no doors that I liked but I did find a WINDOW so the project turned to a more useful design for my house a side table out of a window a WINDOW TABLE. I had never previously been to any rebuilding centers which were amazing and I want to continue to visit them and come up with funky reusable designs from different materials. This side table actually will help me solve a problem as well, one that will cure an anxiety of mine about spilling things drinks primarily on the coffee table which my computer sits on and so currently we place all liquids on the floor however this creates even more spills due to the fact the drink is now closer to a foot in which it can be kicked and so often does, on a very expensive rug. So this side table will give me a place to put my morning coffee while I do my early morning Internet browsing and solve many current spilling anxieties of mine. All of which stem from my mother, the spilling anxieties I mean. Side note-I used to spill alot of milk on my moms antique dinner table and then had to clean it and oil the wood, this is a very difficult task as a little kid. I now have sequences in my head where I can see things spilling before they even happen-not a psycho promise just a little anxious- the end

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