Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dasha's Final Project

So, my sister, who is 13, is living in California while I am here in Portland.

She is a very creative individual and I wanted to create an assignment that would not only stimulate her creativity, but mine, too. She is a great writer so I proposed to her an idea. I asked her to write a children's story so that I could create and illustrate a children's book.

This soon became "What If I Were Something Else?", a children's book by Barbara Hayes, illustrated by me!

After gesso-ing sheets of raw canvas, cutting them up, folding them, punching holes and weaving the binding with yarn, I painted each individual page. I didn't change any parts of the original story.



  1. Dasha, this is sooo amazing!!! I am so happy you got to do this with your sister. It is really a cool project.

  2. I think it's very cute children's book. Unfortunately I could not read the text, because letters are too small to view. This book should be published on a very good paper for kids to read together with their parents, because I just have a feeling that it has thoughtful content. Kids need more books like this.Great creativejob!