Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Final Project

It broke on the way home so i trying to figure out how to fix it!! And when it is finally done i still plan to post pictures of it behind my bed, but at this rate i dont know when that will be!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fianl Project- Birds and Garden Decor

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For my final project I started drawing several birds overlaying each other until the 18"X24" sheet of paper was filled. Once drawn, I colored the birds using prismacolor markers. I left the white's of the eyes so that it would be easier to find each bird. I decided to work with Sculpey modeling clay and use the birds for inspiration. I made gardening stakes since I recently moved to a new home and want to decorate the plants on my front patio.

final project

My ART Show

if you are free on APRIL 3rd you should come to my art show at..

936 SE 34th
Portland OR

at 34th and Belmont

check out my website if you curious


solve a problem a little late

my house got broken into twice now and my money always get JACKED to i made a hiding place but now that you all know i think im screwed again

Pinata Attempt Assignment 5

my failed attempt at a pinata that i was too embarrassed of to bring to class. sorry.

pictures of assignment 5

Creepy figure sculpture in bronze, copper and antler bone. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions as to what I might add or change to make it better, as I am not yet 100% satisfied with it. Still cant figure out what it needs, but it needs something.....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Open Engagement

hi friends,
i wanted to post the link to the 2010 Open Engagement conference that's happening at PSU in may: http://openengagement.info
it's the best place to find out about the conference, and if you're interested in volunteering we're going to need a lot of help! so email me at the openengagement2010@gmail.com email address.
thanks for bowling!

assignment 5

Here are the pictures of the cabbage head sculpture and the framed print.

Keep in touch

I really liked you all in my class. Please keep in touch!!!!!!!!! My email is

My flag.....

After I braided 40ft of sky blue fabric I went home and hung some of my smaller pieces on it to see if I could use any of them for the flag and to get a feel for what it would look like hanging. I decided to use only the city pieces as the first and last fabric panels. Then I irritated my daughter for some advice and begun writing the 13 word panels. After I knew what I wanted to say, I began to paint and sew the panels. I stuck some lace into a cold cup of coffee over night and kept on working the next day. I had 11 visual drawings/paintings that I had to think about and how they would pertain to the words. I was really interested in being able to tell a specific story without having to directly spell it out. I was trying to incorporate two parallel stories but also give an overall feel or unifying presentation. I wanted it to be sensual and pensive and earthy and fragile. It is a story, firstly, of my desires to be free, to connect with nature and the cycles that brings me back to the city and of the belief that there is no separation between the pavement or my thighs. That human nature IS nature and yet there is a sense of suffering if I'm unable to focus my attention on that side of nature; the greens and blues and skin and tangled hair and wind burned and dirt below the nails. I really like to climb trees and be in the mud. I like being cold and hot and wet and winded. I think of this often when I am among the skyscrapers.....it is my yearning to be held.
I was not certain about the final piece but the project was very powerful for me. I thought about things I hadn't for awhile and watched as it translated onto the material plane.
Then, after I had sketched as my mind recalled, I applied thin washes. It felt like it was raining indoors.
After stretching canvas around treated and sanded two-by-twos I then rabbit skin glued the back to make it tight. This works well for any painting that is acrylic or oil that is in need of tightening (on the back of the work). It has a horrible smell so use outdoors if possible. I left the front raw because I like to use it this way. So I sat and prepared a working space. Then I mixed some very thin acrylic washes and began to sketch my memory. It was like I was there in the kitchen and the mood was present while I was drawing. It was very nice to revisit the kitchen and house I lived in but have not seen for over 15 years.

Hey all

You guys should follow me on my blog... http://projectbffad.blogspot.com
I think I have my first best friend appointment set for next week!! Keep in touch> J.P.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bird Cage Project

I promised pictures of the bird cage project and here they are at long last.

Fish and carrot, happy together

The final image of the completed cage

Close up of the perch

Pre paint perch

Beginnings of the cage. Notice all of the wires I had to work with.

It was fun.

Dasha's Final Project

So, my sister, who is 13, is living in California while I am here in Portland.

She is a very creative individual and I wanted to create an assignment that would not only stimulate her creativity, but mine, too. She is a great writer so I proposed to her an idea. I asked her to write a children's story so that I could create and illustrate a children's book.

This soon became "What If I Were Something Else?", a children's book by Barbara Hayes, illustrated by me!

After gesso-ing sheets of raw canvas, cutting them up, folding them, punching holes and weaving the binding with yarn, I painted each individual page. I didn't change any parts of the original story.