Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Memory Project

So if you missed the small sentiment in class, when I was growing up I used to sit on a small stool close to the ground and eat dinner every night. I have been on a search for my own stool ever since I have moved out of my moms house, so I decided this would be a great time to just make one! Plus I have really enjoyed keeping the theme of usable projects for this class. I decided to paint the top of the stool mono-chromatic orange because orange is my favorite color and I just really enjoy the whole mono look and I am also obsessed with parallel lines. I have always found parallels in life by squinting my eyes and lining things up it's just always been this weird little thing that I do...the end.

p.s.- I am spraying this with Polycrylic clear gloss protective finish before class but I won't be back on my computer to post those pictures I will have it in class however as long as it's dry.

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