Sunday, January 24, 2010

assignment 3

is this due on tuesday, does anyone know? Can someone remind me of the specifics of the assignment? I seem to have misplaced my assignment sheet.... Thanks


  1. definitely not due tuesday. at least a week away.

  2. Assignment 3

    Design and construct a simple solution to a problem.

    Look for things in your own life, maybe it doesn't have to be as extreme but it does need to be as useful. Test out your invention, document the experience, post the documentation on the class blog.

    Feb 4 present your invention and documentation to the class.

    The paper gives an example of a guy who is hiding a dog in his apartment but he needs to walk the dog around. so designing a dog carrier that looks like a laundry basket would be his solution.

    That is all on the paper.

    Got any ideas yet?