Tuesday, March 9, 2010

everyone remember to wear socks on thursday (unless you want to put your bare foot into a bowling shoe)

hey guys,
when we got assignment 5 my first thought about what i would do if i could do anything i wanted was to apply to this fellowship at this summer long artist's school. basically if you get the spot, you get to live there for the entire summer, have a studio, access to all visiting artists, and a small paying job, instead of just paying many many dollars to take a two week class.
so i actually did it! which is a pretty big deal. the application consisted of images of your work and a letter of intent, letter of recommendation and your resume. everyone who has applied for the spot before has mailed in those things to the office, but i created a blog instead. i have no idea if they'll ever look at my blog, and i've never had any hope that i'll actually get the fellowship from the beginning. but the process of sitting down and making a portfolio was really great for me, and i wanted to share it with you guys and get any feedback that you have at all (typos, questions, suggestions, critiques, etc). i'm going to leave it as it is for a little while, giving the oxbow people time to look at it, and after that i have a really great start to having my own artist's website that i can use as a tool until the internet becomes obsolete or 2012 or whatever.


the program i applied for: http://www.ox-bow.org/residency/fellowship.html

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