Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dasha's Tiny Inventions

So, I had all these ideas, and I had created a coaster beer cozy thing that had velcro on the bottom so my cat(s) wouldn't spill beer on the carpet but ! I realized our new house has hardwood floors! Bah. So, no need for that. Then, I decided to create a little case for the top of the neck of a guitar, so as in transport, the litle tuner knobs wouldn't move, but then that was a failure because it would have taken just as long to put that little case on as it would have been to just put your guitar in the actual guitar case! Boo. So then, I decided to do a series of tiny problem solutions.

Here we go....

1. We have 3 people living in the house with 3 cats that constantly eat each other's food. We have a rule that who ever leaves the house first feeds the fatties, but sometimes it's hard to tell because the food will already be gone. So I made a little velcro-attached sign so everyone knows if the fatties have been fed alrady ( or not) .

2. My earrings and jewelry were in a mess after we moved to our new house and I wanted a way to organize them. So I decided to make something that would also be aesthetically pleasing to the eye . So I made an earring tree with wire, yarn, and superglue.

3. The third little problem is that now that we have a new address, when I send stuff out, I don't want to write it out, so I decided to carve out a stamp with my new address to save some time!

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