Wednesday, February 17, 2010

since my project is strictly audio/visual based, i decided to post a previous piece of mine and explain the process and ideas behind whatever it is you want to call what i do.

i started out with the music, which was composed using a beat machine, a synthesizer, and my laptop. as i was producing the composition, specific visual themes were coming to mind. This happens quite frequently while i produce, which i call my inspiration or motivation for the piece. there is usually some sort of world in my head that i am trying to soundtrack. this time, i figured it'd be fun to actually create that world and set my music to it and deliver them both simultaneously.

Musically, this particular composition made me feel like i was in some kind of swanky late 70's/early 80's night club on a mean drug binge, dancing without a care in the world. i added some ominous synth washes that gave the track a spacey/sci-fi feel.

now, i like my retro/vintage paraphernalia to be legitimate. i knew that if i set out with a borrowed camera to record some footage, i wouldn't get the same grainy effect that i was looking for. so, i used this new site i heard about at the time called, which lets you rip video/audio off of youtube and save it as a file on your computer. so, i set out into the vast ocean of vlogs and time-wasting clips galore to mine the world of youtube for footage.

using my internet searching superpowers, i typed in keywords to get the footage i was looking for. i found some Studio 54 footage of people dancing like the 70's, some clip from an obscure 80's sci-fi fashion film, and some swirling nebula haze to play up those synth pads. i chopped up the pieces of video i thought would be most useful and loaded them into Final Cut Pro along with my song.

edit here, transition there, drag, drop, a lot of rendering time later and voila! i have this weird re-edited video to further pollute the internet with stuff to watch while you should be doing something more important!!

sooo, this process will be similarly repeated for my "response to a memory" project, which i have chosen to reflect my memories of New Jersey, which will doubly act as a formal goodbye piece to that particular chapter of my life. i'm excited to show you all on tuesday. i better get back to work.


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