Tuesday, February 9, 2010

assignment 3 printmakers benchhook

My problem is that during the process of carving into a lino or wood block it is easy to slip with the knife. This can result in getting cut or stabbed by the tool being used. You need to be careful when carving the blocks. Solution is to make a modified bench hook. something that will not only help hold my wood or lino block in place, but also has a lamp to help the lino block carve easier and I want the bench hook to be more portable.

Design Sketches

I was originally going to go with hinges for the bottom lip of the bench hook. I didn't really care for that Idea. I threw a couple other ideas in my head and decided upon drilling holes into the main body, and using nails to go into the holes. then I used rings around the edge to keep it all together.

Final Product

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