Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project #1- ideas

Duct Tape Rose - More DIY How To Projects

Origami rose - More DIY How To Projects

Flowers made from plastic bags - More DIY How To Projects


  1. i like the idea of making them out of plastic bags

  2. The plastic bag thing is a great one. Maybe we can make plastic roses for our plastic vases from that other kid's project, eh?

  3. hmmm...plastic bag roses to go with the diy wedding rings. we could have pretend weddings like you maybe did when you were eight years old. lol

    I think my vote is going for the duct tape ones though.

  4. I like the plastic bag ones the most I suppose. Although origami is nice too...

  5. I guess we are making flowers. I like the duct tape ones because everybody knows that duct tape holds the world together