Wednesday, January 6, 2010

assignment 1 Nick Reed's options

Macro Atachment for pocket digital camera - More DIY How To Projects

Photography in the Ultraviolet spectrum - More DIY How To Projects

These two are actually one. I want to do the ultra violet filter and in the instructions it says that the mount from the macro project was used for the filter.
I love taking photos so I think this would be neat.

Build a USB Digital Microscope in 60min and 15$ - More DIY How To Projects

I really love this project. There was another for creating a mount that connects the microscope to the camera. I want to see how the web cam thing works and what sort of pictures I can get from it. I dont really expect high quality pictures, but I expect pictures I can use as inspiration for other art projects.

I like cooking. I have been meaning to learn how to make Onigiri. Onigiri is called rice balls. I may not do all of the stuffings mentioned but with onigiri you can put anything inside it. So I may use some different stuffings for the Onigiri but I want to follow the process of making the rice ball. I have heard it is hard, but it looks pretty easy.

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